How to Raise the Perfect Dog from Cesar

Exercise, discipline, and affection. I just wonder if he will work with my husband, no I am joking. The Dog Whisperer is awesome and I highly recommend him to you.

Some Dogs Just Like 2 Be Dirty

If you have a time for a good laugh this is the video for you.

How 2 Paint A Rock Pup

Paint a Cute Rock Pup

pupsTalented rock artist Lin Wellford, has put together the cutest book of ideals for painting on rock.  Today I am going to show you how to recreate her rock pup. This is a great project to do with children, they love it and their dogs end up so cute.

Funny Dog Videos for 2013 from YouTube


Dogs Are Beautiful

Dogs Are a Beautiful Thing


ogs are a beautiful part of life; they are givers and not takers.Dogs Are a Beautiful Thing

With so many things draining our emotional energy, it is great to celebrate the special blessing in life like our dogs.

I am the proud Mother (owner) of five beautiful dogs. On the outside most would not agree that all of my little ones are beautiful but I refer to their insides.

In the photo is Pocahontas and we call her Poke for short. She has been our best friend and companion for the past 13 years. We love her so much it is hard to think her time is going short and harder to speak of it to you.

Easy Collar Coat for Your Baby Dog

Featured Poke CoatI picked up a Simplicity Pattern 2695 for this simple dog coat pattern. I recycled a skirt that was given to me for the fabric, and some black for the lining. Some experience in sewing is needed but you have to start somewhere so, so let's make one together.

Simplicity sewing pattern 2695: Crafts size A (XS-S-M)clip_image001

How 2 Make A Collar Coat with Simplicity

Our Big Dog Rescues Tiny Baby Bunnies

Big Dog Rescues Tiny Baby Bunnies

Our precious dog Kik brought our family 2 wild bunnies this Easter. He proudly walked up with a little furry ball hanging from his mouth, gently. I asked him to put it down and he did, Kik was so proud of his gift.

 So far we have created a make due space for them, my husband will build a pen for us to raise the cute little bunnies.

What a wonderful Easter surprise.

God Bless, the Reason for the Season.


Georgia On My Mind

Georgia the Dachshund

Georgia belongs to a sweet family in Tennessee who are Georgia fans. I love to visit and film Georgia when she will let me. On this particular trip she became very camera shy and startled me.

Just recently we learned what tough and aggressive dog the Dachshund is so I thought she would chew my foot off.

Check out Dog Training Online with Cresswell

dog training onlinWatch 50+ lessons at home or on your mobile device, a complete video library just for you and your dog.

“Dove has led an interesting and adventure filled life so far that revolves around animals. Starting as a veterinary assistant at a young age her love of working with animals was evident. At 18 Dove found herself working as a stand in on a dog movie and as she got to know all the jobs on film sets, she decided that being an animal trainer for film would be a great job for her.”

3 Hot Selling Pet Fountain Today

Pet Fountain The summer is coming and it is time to prepare our outside pets as well as the inside pets. The number one need for pets in the heat of summer is H2O.
Dog Need Water
My family keeps a 2 liter water bottle sitting beside our dog water dish and we just fill it up every time we pass. As our family schedule gets more hectic I decided to research the best water fountains on the market.

Sensible Shopping Safety Plans for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Deals Ahead

All online retailers are gearing up for your visit on Black Friday and Cyber Monday; retailers have spent countless advertising dollars on this the largest shopping event of the year. According to NRF survey, up to 152 million shoppers are expected to visit store websites black Friday weekend.

Be safe from the hackers and shop reputable sites, sites you know, ones that you trust, ones that you have shopped before, these are the ways we can make sensible shopping choices.

First start by making a list of all the gifts you need to buy, this will save you time and energy.


New Designer Dog Breed - The Roodle

New Designer Dog Breed - The Roodle

by Matthew Connor

Copyright (c) 2013 Matthew Connor

Celebrities like Paris Hilton may carry their dogs in their Gucci handbags, accessorized to the glittering collar. But the recent trend in designer dogs seems to suggest that everyday people are catching this unfortunate trend.