Dogs Are Beautiful

Dogs Are a Beautiful Thing


ogs are a beautiful part of life; they are givers and not takers.Dogs Are a Beautiful Thing

With so many things draining our emotional energy, it is great to celebrate the special blessing in life like our dogs.

I am the proud Mother (owner) of five beautiful dogs. On the outside most would not agree that all of my little ones are beautiful but I refer to their insides.

In the photo is Pocahontas and we call her Poke for short. She has been our best friend and companion for the past 13 years. We love her so much it is hard to think her time is going short and harder to speak of it to you.

When Poke was much younger I had the pleasure of dropping my daughter off at school and every morning our little Poke would dance around the door begging to ride along. And she did everyday she could and it was a beautiful thing.

Poke became the little school mascot and was loved by all the children. Poke would also insist on riding along to pick and would sit in the car happily wait to see her little girl exit the school. She would wiggle and sing as my daughter would climb in the car and it was a beautiful thing.

Poke's favorite game to play with the family is hide and seek, she is good at it too. Poke and I would count in my room as my little girl would find a spot in house. Poke learned how to count and would know when I hit the end. She would race off like a little bullet to find Maddy, when did Poke find her hiding spot she would signal to me with long howls, barking, and dancing. It was a beautiful thing.

Today as I share with you our life experience with our dog Poke, she sits beside me on her cot all grey and her eyes are turning from brown to a haze. She never complains, she only waits to be a part of whatever her family does.

Poke is a huge part of our life and that is a beautiful thing.

If you are looking for beauty in your life take time out today to appreciate your dog because dogs are a beautiful thing.


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