Pure White Japanese Spitz

Spitz Looks and Personality

You know the type of personality; it is the person in the crowd that everyone wants to be around; fun, exciting, intelligent, lively, happy and loyal.

Japanese Spitz are known for their great courage, affection and devotion making them great watchdogs and ideal companions for older people and small children. All children should be supervised when with a dog.

Our Dogs Tangle With A Snake and Kill It

Dogs Kill Big Black Snake

Dogs Kill Big Black SnakeFinally what I have promised and what you have been waiting for; CB, Patches and the rest of the pack corner a large black snake by our pond late this morning.

The snake was sun bathing on a large stone, as I and the pack approached it dashed under a large flat stone. It was merely seconds before the pack had rounded the snake into a corner. Patches bravely dives under the stone boulder, CB immediately follows on her heels. Their bodies were completely under the stone, I couldn’t even see their tails. I started calling “Patches, CB get out of there”, afraid they would get bitten.

½ a dog high and a dog and ½ long

Dachshund Are Tough Badger Dogs

dachshundA little known fact is the aggression that the Dachshund has been known to display. Behind their sweet eyes and comical behavior is a fierce dog.
You have to remember that dachshunds were bred to go into holes after badgers, pound-for-pound, one of the toughest mammals ever to walk the earth.
For this reason you must know that this dog will need management, your Dachshund will need to be kindly trained that he is not the alpha.