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Puppies Are Sweet

christmas 1977Puppies have this universal sweetness that no one can deny. They bring us joy and laughter as soon as they come into our homes.

I have had the extreme pleasure of growing up with many dogs and pets. My family has raised Collie’s, Rottweiler's, Bassett's, and now currently I have given home to 7 dogs of mixed breed.

Living in a rural area in Tennessee where there is no Human Society, I have found myself in the position of taking in everyone's stray or unwanted puppy. It is a challenge at times but they are members of my family and I love each for their individual style.

Sensibledogs and the The-Dog-Planet.com are Now Friends

Sensibledogs and the The-Dog-Planet.com are Now Friends


saleWe are always on the hunt for quality websites that put OUR dog’s first and are easy to use. Great NEWS we found one for our information resources.


Caring For A Mature Dog

Guest Author Dog Training Tips.co.uk


028There is more to caring for a mature dog than you might think. Here you will learn about some of the things you should take into account if your “best friend” is into middle age.


Your faithful friend has been with you for quite a few years now and is just starting to show a little bit of age. Nothing serious, and there are still many miles left on the clock, but should you start to treat your dog differently. Here are a few ideas to help you prolong your dog's active life

Commitment 2 You’re Dog Today and Everyday

My Dog Commitment

I will commitment to providing my dog with the things that he/she needs to be healthy and happy. I am making this commitment to my dog today and every day.

Sensibledogs.com Pack Pal Resources

Pack Pal Resources

A family is simply not full and whole without a DOG. A Dog is certainly a small gift we have here on earth.


On this Page you will find resources that can help you make good choices for your dog.


Take your time and come back often, we add trusted dog resources regularly.


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