Chattanooga Mutt Strut 2011

Thousands visit MUTTVILLE, and this year the turnout was no less and the mutts did strut their stuff all day long. It was a great day for a parade and fellowship with dog lovers on the Southside Chattanooga.

Selling Dog Treats

You may be wondering if there is a market for gourmet dog treats. Judging by my own personal success, I would say, "Yes! There is absolutely a huge market for gourmet dog treats!" - but don't take my word for it. Here are the facts:

There are over 300 MILLION people in the United States alone. It's estimated that approximately 60% of American households have at least one dog. With the recent revelation that dogs are getting sick and even dying from harmful dyes and preservatives that are being put in name brand food and treats, more and more pet owners are looking for healthy alternatives.

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I have been using for several years and have been pleased with their product line, pricing, quick delivery, and service. I started using Pet Food Direct when my cat Tinkerbelle needed prescription food for his IBD.

The reason I started getting the food from Pet Food Direct instead of my vet was price and convenience. The prices were cheaper than I could get it from my vet even with shipping, so combined with the convenience of the food coming directly to my home it was a done deal.


Value Pet Supplies Online Merchant Review

valuepetsuppliesValue Pet Supplies is a family owned business that has been in operation for over 25 years. In 2004 they began their online presence by selling pet products in bundles, known as Value Pet Value Packs.

Over time Value Pet Supplies expanded their online merchant shop offering sensible dog items for everyday needs at guaranteed low prices.

Entirely Pets Online Dog Shop Review

Entirely Pets Is A Responsible Seller

Entirely Pets is a people and pet friendly site with easy to find and read categories at the top of every web page.


Entirely Pets features the most popular brands on the market today such as; Frontline, K9 Advantix, trainer treats and various in-house product lines.


Over 35,000 Facebook Fans

Homemade Bacon Loving Dog Recipe

puppy and kitten at food dishThere is something about bacon that draws everyone to the kitchen; could be the smell or maybe the taste. No matter, after the first piece is thrown into the skillet, the dogs show up waging their tails.

Occasionally, I will prepare a little bacon treat for my pack and most recently my girlfriend suggested that I add liver to save on cost. Thinking what a great idea, I went home to try it out.

How to Make a Dog Bed without a Sewing Machine

How to Make a Dog Bed without a Sewing MachineHow to Make a Dog Bed without a Sewing Machine

You will not need a sewing machine or have any previous knowledge of making a dog bed to quickly complete this handmade dog bed. 

Materials needed for making this simple dog bed are:

1.      Scissors

2.      Fleece Fabric

3.      Dog Bed Pattern (paper)

4.      Stuffing

5.      Sewing Pins (optional)

There are hundreds of fleece fabric choices on the market today and prices range from $1.99 to $20.00.  The cost for making your dog his own dog bed will depend on how much you spend on fleece fabric.

Pure White Japanese Spitz

Spitz Looks and Personality

You know the type of personality; it is the person in the crowd that everyone wants to be around; fun, exciting, intelligent, lively, happy and loyal.

Japanese Spitz are known for their great courage, affection and devotion making them great watchdogs and ideal companions for older people and small children. All children should be supervised when with a dog.

Our Dogs Tangle With A Snake and Kill It

Dogs Kill Big Black Snake

Dogs Kill Big Black SnakeFinally what I have promised and what you have been waiting for; CB, Patches and the rest of the pack corner a large black snake by our pond late this morning.

The snake was sun bathing on a large stone, as I and the pack approached it dashed under a large flat stone. It was merely seconds before the pack had rounded the snake into a corner. Patches bravely dives under the stone boulder, CB immediately follows on her heels. Their bodies were completely under the stone, I couldn’t even see their tails. I started calling “Patches, CB get out of there”, afraid they would get bitten.

½ a dog high and a dog and ½ long

Dachshund Are Tough Badger Dogs

dachshundA little known fact is the aggression that the Dachshund has been known to display. Behind their sweet eyes and comical behavior is a fierce dog.
You have to remember that dachshunds were bred to go into holes after badgers, pound-for-pound, one of the toughest mammals ever to walk the earth.
For this reason you must know that this dog will need management, your Dachshund will need to be kindly trained that he is not the alpha.

The Distinctive Khala Hairless Dog

HairlessKhalaPeruIncaRuinSiteThe Khala Hairless is a tough little dog, surviving from the coastline to high in the Andes. The Hairless Khala is a Latin American breed of hairless dogs originally from Bolivia.

They are also known by other names like Chala, Kahla, Perro K'ala and Caa Allepo. They are used in Bolivia today as hunting dogs. The Kahala is considered to be the largest of the Xolo breeds.

Beautiful Coyotes Fun Facts

Coyotes are members of the dog family once living on the prairies and deserts but now live in the Mountains and forest. Coyotes are definitely a part of the Tennessee landscape.

Coyotes are pack animals like our dogs and form strong family groups; both the male and the female feed and protect their young pups in their den.

Meet the Wonder Dog Chaser

Meet the Wonder Dog Chaser

Meet the Wonder Dog ChaserJust as children learn to associate rudimentary words with pictures, the Border collie named Chaser has learned over 1,000 words! -But wait, dogs can’t talk… right? -No, they cannot. This amazing dog cannot speak, she is able to remember the names of her toys and fetch a specific one by name. Chaser has even been able to find a new toy amongst her known toys without ever seeing it before.

Learn to Train Your Siberian Husky With An Expert

How to Train Your Siberian Husky by Liz Palika


Training your Siberian Husky is quite a challenge considering the independent personality and playful nature of the dog. Don’t be fooled they are very intelligent dogs that can be motivated and trained well.


It is important to present yourself as the sure Alpha of the pack as soon as you bring your Siberian home. Always remember that dogs all act on instinct first and need loving support to learn new acceptable habits.


Independent, Stubborn, and Excitable

Teach Any Dog Really Cool Tricks Now

Teach Any Dog Really Cool Tricks

101 Dog Tricks is the largest trick book on the market and the only one presenting full-color photos of each trick and its training steps?

Tricks are categorized as being easy, intermediate, advanced and expert. Tricks for dogs at all skills levels can use this book.


Get Your Beefeaters Denties Bone Today

Get Your Beefeaters Denties Bone Today


Feel great about giving your dog a Beefeaters Denties chew. It’s delicious, healthy for your dog’s teeth and bones, and completely safe and digestible.

Xoloitzcuintli or Mexican Hairless Dog

Xoloitzcuintli or Mexican Hairless Dog

MP900441049How on earth do you say Xoloitzcuintle?

Spanish pronunciation: [ʃoloit͡sˈkwint͡ɬe]

English: /ʃoʊlɔɪtsˈkwiːntli/ shoh-loyts-kweent-lee


Just use the commonly shorten name Xolos.


This breed is one of the world’s oldest and rarest breeds and could have been the first dog of the Americas.

Elegance and Strength

Chinese Crested Dog Breed

Chinese Crested Dog Breed

The Chinese Crested makes everyone stop and take notice. The crest in their name refers to the bloom of hair they have on top of their head. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has just ranked the Chinese Crested number 55 out of over 160 dogs on their "Most Popular Dogs" list.

7 Dog Friendly Hotel Chains for Your Family Vacation

7 Dog Friendly Hotel Chains for Your Family Vacation


Our dogs are more than mere pets they are one of the family.  We want to take our dog on vacation with us without giving up the amenities of a good hotel for Fido.


Finding a hotel that welcomes our dogs use to be difficult, but now web sites such a dog,, and have made this practice much easier.

Feed your Dog and kill your Dog’s Fleas

Feed your Dog and kill your Dog’s Fleas

Flea season is here in full bloom and you are in need of a cheap flea repellent for your dog.
 An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - especially when it comes to flea and tick control. At the beginning of each flea season is a great time to ward off the fleas from your family dog with this cheap dog biscuit recipe. You will find that this recipe is easy to prepare and easier to serve.

Common Dog Breed Mixers For Those Cute Designer Dog

Common Dog Breed Mixers For Those Cute Designer Dog

You’ve hear about dogs who are a cross between to pure breed dogs? If you don’t know what a Designer Dog is exactly then this article “What You Get When You Get A Designer Dog” is must read.

For now let’s look at a few of the most common designer dogs that you can find living all over the world and you may be surprised at some of these mixes.

Why Does My Dog Do The Things He Does?

Why Does My Dog Do The Things He Does?

Dogs have a language all of their own and it has been passed down from generation to generation, much like we humans pass down our behavior to our children and their children and so on.

Why Does My Dog Do The Things He Does?Dogs use body movement, facial expressions, and vocalization to communicate with us and their environment. Dogs speak to us plainly and clearly in their language, with a little effort you can learn how to speak your dog’s language.

Sensible Families Loving Sensible Dogs

Sensible Families Loving Sensible Dogs

Sensible Families Loving Sensible DogsThe love affair with dogs is ageless, ask any dog lover of any age, and they will most certainly tell you their dog is another member of the family. 

We dog lover’s devotedly commitment 10 to 15 years of our lives to our loving dog companions; it’s no surprise that dogs are on our beds and on our sofas, or that we squeak doggy toys as we tip toe to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

What You Get When You Get A Designer Dog

When You Get A Designer Dog

Designer dogs, crossbreeds, hybrids, or designer mutt, what should we call this variety of dog? We have heard of them by a dozen different names but what are exactly are these dogs that come with such a big price tag?

You may know that all dogs have been crossed bred at one time or another to create all these purebred dogs that we enjoy today. In fact, May 21, 2004 Science Magazine ran an article claiming that only nine breeds come from the original ancient stock and the rest of the purebreds have been breed in the last 300 years.

Where Did Dogs Come From?

Where Did Dogs Come From?

Snowflake our dogTo be passionate about our beloved Dog companions it is only sensible to learn of their unique heritage. I started at my local library and found close to sixty or seventy book on dogs; training, health, companionship, and books on individual breeds each supporting the awesome benefits and contributions that the domestic dog has given us humans.

I found some controversy as to when our partnership with the dog first occurred. Precisely when the relationship formed between man and dog or man and wolf, is impossible to establish, but the dog was most likely the first animal to be domesticated.

Is My Dog Colored Blind?

Is My Dog Colored Blind?


Science has established that Dogs share the same 5 senses that people have; they see, hear, touch, smell and taste. Yet some of the dog’s senses are less developed and others extraordinarily more sensitive than ours. Knowing this can help us figure out just what our dogs are up to most of the time.

Should My Family Commit To A Long Eared Bassett Hound

Long Eared Bassett Hound


What kind of family should own a Bassett Hound? As much as I love the Bassett Hound there are a few physical and temperament characteristics that you should be aware of before committing to a Bassett Hound.


Pendulous Lips


The Bassett Hound in nature is very affection dogs and they will certainly rub slobber on your clothing, couches, and cabinets. The hound will get a drink of water from the bowl and water will be running from their jaws as they lift their head. Bassett Hounds, particularly the males have large loosely hanging lips that sway and swing as they go. They will often shake their heads so the slobber will fly everywhere and on anyone.

The Long Eared Bassett Hound

Bassett Hound



bassettThe Bassett Hound is an old breed which is a direct descendent of the Bloodhound.  The name Bassett Hound comes from the French word “bas” meaning low.  The breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885. It has been recorded; George Washington owned Bassett Hounds which were given to him by Lafayette after the American Revolution.



Hound, Hunting

Everyone Loves The Puppy In The Window

Puppies Are Sweet

lab puppyPuppies have this universal sweetness that no one can deny. They bring us joy and laughter as soon as they come into our homes.

I have had the extreme pleasure of growing up with many dogs and pets. My family has raised Collie’s, Rottweiler's, Bassett's, and now currently I have given home to 7 dogs of mixed breed.

Living in a rural area in Tennessee where there is no Human Society, I have found myself in the position of taking in everyone's stray or unwanted puppy. It is a challenge at times but they are members of my family and I love each for their individual style.

Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

Dear Sensible Dog Lover,


portercooking101I hope you find these few recipes helpful and your Sensible Dog finds them most enjoyable. My daughter and I are creating new recipes for our seven dogs all the time so check back often for new recipes.