Everyone Loves The Puppy In The Window

Puppies Are Sweet

lab puppyPuppies have this universal sweetness that no one can deny. They bring us joy and laughter as soon as they come into our homes.

I have had the extreme pleasure of growing up with many dogs and pets. My family has raised Collie’s, Rottweiler's, Bassett's, and now currently I have given home to 7 dogs of mixed breed.

Living in a rural area in Tennessee where there is no Human Society, I have found myself in the position of taking in everyone's stray or unwanted puppy. It is a challenge at times but they are members of my family and I love each for their individual style.

Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

Dear Sensible Dog Lover,


portercooking101I hope you find these few recipes helpful and your Sensible Dog finds them most enjoyable. My daughter and I are creating new recipes for our seven dogs all the time so check back often for new recipes.