Easy Collar Coat for Your Baby Dog

Featured Poke CoatI picked up a Simplicity Pattern 2695 for this simple dog coat pattern. I recycled a skirt that was given to me for the fabric, and some black for the lining. Some experience in sewing is needed but you have to start somewhere so, so let's make one together.

Simplicity sewing pattern 2695: Crafts size A (XS-S-M)clip_image001

How 2 Make A Collar Coat with Simplicity

Run grab your simplicity pattern and let's get started. We will be working from coat B and I will be making just a few adjustments. I feel that they will easier.

You will use pattern pieces 1, 2, 3, and 5 to make your cool dog coat. I will help you put all the pieces together for a sassy coat.

Start by cutting out the pattern pieces and ironing them flat. Prepare your fabric as needed.

Pattern Piece 5

cutting out patternPattern piece 5 will make both sides of the coat. You can mix and match the fabrics for the top and bottom. Pattern B originally calls for one quilted top, but I have used to pieces and no trim to create a coat similar to B.

Cut out all notches and mark dots with fabric pen before removing your pins and pattern from your fabric.

Stay-stitch the neck edge of your coat and lining 3/8" inch (1 cm) from the top. Set your lining piece of fabric aside for later.

Following the instructions you will lay out the other pattern pieces and cut 2 of each. You can double up your fabric to cut two at a time.

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Pattern Piece 3

sewing coatPattern piece 3 will be used to make the straps that will hug the belly of your dog.  Get your strap pieces and bring the seam together, sew up all the sides except the narrow bottom.

Turn your strap inside out so the right sides of the straps are showing. Top stitch 1/2" from finished edges. Cut a piece of Velcro 2 1/2" long and 1 1/2" wide for straps.

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Stitch the loopy side to the outside of one strap about 5/8" from the edge of the narrow end. This will be the strap for the left side. Now stitch the fuzzy side to inside of remaining strap.

The pattern instructions would have you pin your straps to your top coat. I hold off on pinning my straps to the top coat until I sew my collar on, keeps the straps from getting in your way.

Pattern Piece 2

Pattern piece 2 will be used to make your collar and collar interface. The interface is used to help hold the collar shape and you can press it onto the wrong side of the fabric.

With the right sides of the fabric facing each other stitch a 5/8" seam all the way around leaving the bottom open between the notches. We leave the hole for turning.

Now turn your collar inside out and iron down the edges at the seams, now give your collar a top stitch of 1/2" from the finished edge.

Pattern Piece 4

Pattern Piece 4 will make the neck tab to hold the collar in place. Simply cut 2 and stitch a small seam, with right sides facing each other. Leave an opening to turn your fabric right side out.

Poke in her coatClip your edges and turn your tab right side out. Stitch a top stitch for a great tailored look. Set your tab aside for finishing touches.

How 2 Put Your Pattern Pieces Together


Attaching the Collar and Straps

First pin your collar and straps to the outside of your coat right sides facing. Centering your collar in the middle of your coat. Please watch the video to clarify. I stitched 1/4 seam to attach the collar and straps to the top so that it would not move when sewing the bottom coat to the top coat. Give it a 5/8" inch stitch across on your machine.

Now, sew the top and bottom together with right sides of your fabric facing one another. You will leave a small hole in the bottom for turning right side out.

Turn your coat right side out and press.

Run a top stitch around the coat edge while attaching the neck tab. This gives your coat a nice little tailor look.

Attaching the Velcro

Simply attach your Velcro and you're finished.

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