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dog training onlinWatch 50+ lessons at home or on your mobile device, a complete video library just for you and your dog.

“Dove has led an interesting and adventure filled life so far that revolves around animals. Starting as a veterinary assistant at a young age her love of working with animals was evident. At 18 Dove found herself working as a stand in on a dog movie and as she got to know all the jobs on film sets, she decided that being an animal trainer for film would be a great job for her.”


My Training Method is the Same One I Use to Train My Movie Dogs

That’s why I want you to have access to my complete dog training video library. You can have access to complete sections on:

  • Obedience Essentials (all the basics including off leash recall)
  • Just Puppies (including crate training and stop biting and chewing)
  • How to Solve Dog Problem Behaviors (stop nuisance barking and jumping up)
  • Advanced Lessons & Tricks (advanced Heel)
  • Special videos on Training Older Dogs and Toy Dogs

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