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Pet Fountain The summer is coming and it is time to prepare our outside pets as well as the inside pets. The number one need for pets in the heat of summer is H2O.
Dog Need Water
My family keeps a 2 liter water bottle sitting beside our dog water dish and we just fill it up every time we pass. As our family schedule gets more hectic I decided to research the best water fountains on the market.
Amazon is one of the leading online shopping markets on the internet and best of all they have lots of customer reviews. Customer reviews are my number one reference for purchasing online. If a customer is going to take the time to write a review then usually it is worth considering.

Consumers Love Drinkwell Pet Water Fountains

Let’s take a look at the top 3 selling Pet Fountains at Amazon.
First place goes to Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain with over 900 customer reviews at Amazon.com. An outstanding 548 customers gave this fountain a 5 star.
Tip: When shopping at Amazon narrow your search down to 4 to 5 star rating and you will be looking at the best products available, usually.
The Fountain holds 168 fluid ounces of water, this would last a one small dog or cat 30 days, giving them 1.5 to 5.4 oz of water daily. A large dog say 75lbs. could drink 1 to 2 days from the fountain, perhaps the smaller dog owner gets the most benefit. Typically priced at $45.99 from Amazon.
I love that the water bowl can be thrown into the dishwasher and a huge plus for consumers was the low noise level compared to other brands such as Pet mate or Pioneer Pet.
Drinkwell also has created a fountain cleaning kit for extra help and provides a line of replacement filters for keeping your fountain clean and well maintained.
“The Drinkwell team designed the water outlet so that it would minimize the water from braiding which cuts down on the water noise. In fact at the setting I have mine, about mid way between low and mid level, I can't hear it at all! They also put a little debris trap before the water even gets to the pump which should greatly increase the pumps life. The water reservoir is also much bigger than that of my Petmate and the Drinkwell's optional larger reservoir on their original design. All and all I view this as a time where a company actually went out there and designed their product by what their customers wanted!!!”
Second Place goes to Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain with over 700 customer reviews. 328 customers gave this fountain a 5 star rating, with a low 67 customer rating of a 1 star. 
The original fountain holds 50 ounces of flowing water. Although Drinkwell can be more expensive it is a durable and dependable brand; you get what you pay for.
"The charcoal filter, which is a feature I really like, absorbs bad tastes and odors. The fountain has a six cup capacity, and you can purchase an additional six cup capacity with use of a refill accessory. The additional water supply is wonderful, especially if you go away for the weekend frequently.”
"Knuckle buster and impossible to clean without a dishwasher."
Third Place belongs to Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain a cute little fountain that looks like it belongs in a park and you can pick up for $44.25 at Amazon. 238 customer reviews have been left
This fountain looks ideal for multi pet households, they will be chasing each other around the bowl if you're not careful.
The Fountain holds 128 fluid ounces of water.
"Overall, it is VERY cute, and the multi-stream rings could be beneficial to someone with multiple pets. But since I have only one cat who uses the fountain anyway (my other cat prefers a bowl), it's a very expensive novelty feature I may not get make much use of. All in all, I prefer The Platinum.
It's worth noting the pump in the 360 and in the Platinum is the same. Except the 360 has an end cap instead of the control valve. I would imagine as long as the end cap is undamaged, you could use the same pump, just replace the control valve with the end cap."
I feel like with the customer reviews you can really get a feel for a product before you buy and that helps save us all time and money.
If you have a Drinkwell Pet Fountain please tell us your story, we want your opinion and personal experiences.
I found that several retailers online and off line offer the Drinkwell brand, right now the lowest price that I have found the fountains are at Amazon.com. If you prefer Sears.com, and PetCo.com and many other offers the brand has well. Always buy from a trusted online source to avoid being ripped off; there are so many crocks out there just waiting to take advantage of us.
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